Are You Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?


The basics of Unemployment Insurance scheme :

Under the Social Security Bill which was introduced in 1935, the United States government pushed ahead the idea of ​​benefits for the unemployed. First thought of in 1932, the Unemployment Insurance Scheme got a federal nod to cover all the unemployed Americans for the basic human needs till they find a job.

However with passage of time, terms and eligibility criteria have changed too.

Are you eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

If you have recently lost your job, you should consider getting unemployment benefits. Here are the rules of eligibility:

· In your base period of employment, you need to have worked for at least 2 calendar quarters and have paid wages for it.


In at least one of the calendar quarters when you were employed and worked, your wages must be at least $ 1600.


This one is important so pay attention: The total of your wages paid in your base period of employment must be at least one and half times the wages you earned in the high calendar quarter wages.

· If the applicant qualifies using the Base Period as eligibility criteria then his claim is established according to that base period. However, if you do not qualify using the base period, then your benefits are calculated using you Alternate Base period.

· If you have been sacked from your job because of no identical fault of yours, you can be entitled for unemployment benefits. However in case you quit the job yourself or were fired because of some misconduct, then you will not be eligible for these benefits.

· If you want to be associated with unemployment benefits, you should know that government aims to support you till you find a job, not to pay your bills while you relax and enjoy the paid vacations. Therefore, you will be eligible for employment benefits only if you are dedicated towards finding a job as soon as possible.

· Many people think that if they are approaching a part-time income, they will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. However depending on various factors like the state you live in, the state laws, your financial conditions etc. this may not be true. Check with the authorizations. Who knows, you might be eligable for unemployment benefits after all?

These are some basic eligibility criteria to receive Unemployment Benefit. For more detailed information, visit the authority sites.

Common Terms and Abbreviations :

Now while filling the application form, you may come across some abbreviations. Here are some commonly used abbreviations:

1. SBP :

When you lose your job, the recently completed five fiscal; quarters are identified. Out of these five, the amount you earn in wages in the first four fiscal quarters is called your SBP or Standard Base Price.

2. ABP :

In Alternative Base Price or ABP, the four fiscal quarters just completed before the date of losing your job are considered.

3. Calendar Quarter :

Each economic year is divided in to 4 equal fiscal quarters of 3 months each and these quarters are known as Calendar quarters.


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