Brighten up your Morning with Carnation Instant Breakfast!


Starting your day with a Carnation Instant Breakfast drink is a great way to stay healthy and energized for the morning. Carnation Instant Breakfast is an easy-to-make, quick, and nutritious drink that pumps your body with protein, carbohyrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. I began drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast two weeks ago. Immediatley, I fell in love with the product for its quick nature and ease of use. In fact, I made sure that I drank at least three glasses of this drink a day. The nutrition drink did not fill my stomach up completely, so I casually drink it while having a bowl of raisin bran or something else for breakfast. Carnation Instant Breakfast comes in three different flavors: Creamy chocolate, French Vanilla, or Strawberry creme. The chocolate is my favorite, though all of the flavors were particularly enjoyable.

Throughout my mornings I felt better prepared mentally for any tasks that came up, I also felt better over the two-week period that I have been drinking the CIB. Let’s take a look at some of the nutrition facts (the following is the nutrition facts for the rich milk chocolate without any milk added):

Calories: 130

Calories from fast: 5

Total Fat: 1g



Source by Xamir Yosaf

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