Grand Opening to a New World Paradigm – Coming Soon to a Planet Near You


The Human race is on the verge of making a huge evolutionary leap into a totally New Paradigm of living. We are speeding through a condensed span of time as we approach 2012, when linear time will completely collapse. Our Planet, our collective consciousness and our physical bodies will be "en-litened" into the New World Paradigm of 5th Dimensional living.

However, we have some work to do in the process of making this evolutionary leap for both our species and our Planet! The body is a multidimensional system that works in perfect harmony when it operates under ideal circumstances. Life today is not what I would call ideal, however we are on our way to living in a New World Paradigm where life will be better than we've ever known it to be! Our minds, our hearts and our living in a state of Divine Grace are being transformed through the winds of our Planet and Humanity's Divine path to enlightenment.

Technical Difficulties
Beginning with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, we have been receiving an increased exposure of energetically enhanced and en-lightened energy coming from the Galactic Center, and our Sun. Our planet, the collective consciousness, along with every living creature, right down to the smallest element, is being affected by this energy. As such, each system within our multidimensional body is undergoing an intense 'system upgrade' within this evolutionary process of the greatest magnitude.

As a result, you may be experiencing some technical difficulties. Some of the more common difficulties might be in the form of short-term memory loss or forgetting what you were just about to say. Or it may take you longer to remember something that happened last week, or even just yesterday. I know this is not a sign of aging, as my twelve-year-old son has also started to experience these same symptoms. You might also be feeling more tired, even exhausted, having headaches, minor aches and pains that come and go, a lack of appetite, and changes in diet and sleeping patterns.

One of the best things you can do to help alleviate these symptoms is to learn to meditate. This will help you to absorb and process the energy more easily. Another great way to help integrate this new energy is to go outside and just be in Nature. Go for a walk and take in the beauty of the Mother Earth. You will also want to take it easier, get more sleep, drink more spring water, and eat more raw fruits and vegetables.

Houston, we have a problem.
We've also begun to see the effects of how this evolutionary energy has impacted every area of ​​our lives, including the major societal, corporate, financial and religious structures around the globe. The global crisis caused by the recent shake-up of the American corporate and financial markets is a major indication that the release of the old paradigm has begun and the new paradigm is on the horizon. The end result will be one of global magnitude for the better in the long run, however, we have some serious work to do ahead of us. We can make it as easy or difficult on ourselves as we choose, as it all comes down to waking up to what is really going on around, and inside, each one of us. We have to wake up and start to smell the roses again, both figuratively and literally.

Rise and Shine
Learning to meditate also assists in the waking up process. It will also help you to move through the tremendous changes that we as individuals must now make. Another way that we can move through this huge transformational process more easily is learn to live more simply. Actually stop and smell the flowers that you walk by or that grow around your home. Living more simply is an important key to waking up and becoming the limitless Creators that we are born to be. It is also the doorway to begin living a life of true Abundance. Living simply does not necessarily mean living without the comforts of modern life, but it does mean you will need to take stock of how you have been living, and reducing the amount of waste and excess that actually keeps you from living a happier and more fulfilled life.

Asking the question that begs to be answered, how many of us are actually fulfilled in our lives today? Are you really fulfilled in your life? I love movies, shopping, emailing my friends and eating cheeseburgers, but they do not fulfill my desire for living my life well, with the people I love. I do not feel fulfilled walking out of a movie theater these days, as I'm usually about $ 40 poorer and I've just spent two hours of my life sitting in a large dark room with several hundred strangers watching too much violence, sex , crude humor and unrealistic fantasies played out before me.

Of course, this is just one example, as I could site many more based on how our American culture of hyper-consumerism, entertainment and media-driven distractions have gradually lumbered us into sleepwalking through our lives. And, we've been sleepingwalking through our lives in this virtual world for too long now. The stress and strain of it all is unmistakable and reflected in our pillow-popping, chronically ill and depressed families, as well as our beaten-up, drained and beleaguered planet. So, what can we do, before we, and our beautiful planet finally crack under the pressure of it all?

Humpty Dumpty
There is something that each one of us can do to move more easily through this difficult and challenging transformation that we've all found ourselves in, and it's not too late. It's easy, you can do it anytime, within the comforts of your home, and it's free. Even if you've already fallen off the wall and you're struggling to put yourself and your life back together, this is a great remedy that works for every area of ​​life.

Learning to meditate is the key to safely find your way back home again. Meditation has the ability to soothe the wounded soul, reduce stress and restore inner balance and calm. It's one of meditation's greatest benefits, especially for those of you who feel emotionally overwhelmed by life today. Learn to meditate and it will be as if you've been handed the key that will unlock the door to a renewed sense of peace and serenity to enter into your life. Meditation's positive impact on the body's overall health is also well researched and documented.

Your Genie in a Bottle
Meditating on a regular basis also offers some added benefits that are not as well documented. One of these is that you will gain great insights into an entirely new world that lies quietly inside your own heart. It's like discovering your own magic Genie in a bottle, all wrapped up inside of that beautiful beating heart of yours. That Genie is not about winning the lottery, or some other instantaneous magic that suddenly fixes all of your problems, but it is actually the Genius inside of you. Your inner Genius will always be there with the right answer at the right time. Learn to go in and listen to the wisdom of your inner Genius, learn to trust it, and you will always be safely guided to the next step that you need take in your life.

There is another secret gift of learning to meditate, and it is patiently waiting inside for you to discover it. It is for you to remember who you truly are, why you are here now, and what you are to do next. This is the greatest gift you can receive from practicing daily meditation, as once you remember these three things, you will be on your way to living your true destiny that you came here to live. And, there is nothing more important, or more exciting, or more joyful than living your true destiny. That is also where you will find true Peace, Happiness, Health and Abundance of every kind. So, learn to meditate, use the key, discover the secrets and your inner Genius will safely escort you along the path of your Destiny, and into the new world paradigm that we are all moving towards. I hope to see you there soon.


Source by Rebecca Cherry

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