How to Guarantee That Your Woman Reaches Orgasm (3 Killer Methods)


The first thing you should do when trying to make a woman reach the pinnacle of pleasure in the bedroom is to make sure she's comfortable. It's really this simple, and men need not complicate things to much to really please women in bed.

When you get this all important issue of comfort settled, you can begin the road to excellent pleasure using these 3 techniques to making a woman feel the strongest, most powerful gratification she has ever experienced.

# 1. "The Sexy Curve". A curved finger is all you need to give her the first wave of pleasure. Lubicate your finger and slowly enter her until it's deep inside her portal.

Start with a gently rocking in and out motion and then gently curve your finger upward. Doing this repeatedly will massage her g spot, the ultra-sensitive tissue at the roof of her vaginal canal. It's not true that depth of crushing will play a big role in a woman's pleasure.

It's the way you move that brings her closer to climax, so make sure every thrust of your finger counts.

# 2. "Penile Penetration Simulation". Before actual sex, you must increase her arousal by inserting two fingers in her portal while you're careless her clitoris with your thumb.

The combined girths of your middle finger and index finger will get her ready for actual penetration with your penis.

# 3. "Increase Her Comfort". Before you go full force thrusting inside her, you must check to see if she still feels comfortable. A woman's relaxed state during sex is a sensitive thing.

If you can increase her comfort during sex, you will bring her closer to orgasm. Choose a sex position that will make her feel comfortable, and not one that will contribute to leg cramps. She will NOT orgasm at all if she is not totally relaxed during sex.

Inducing a female orgasm is not as complicated as most of us think. In fact, if you really listen to what a woman's body is telling you, you will realize that giving her that orgasm she craves is not difficult at all.


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