Instant Drill To Add 15 Yards To Your Drives


What I'm about to show you is a drill that will add 15 yards to your drives instantly!

This is a drill that the Bugey Killer golf team has tested against others on thousands of golfers in an attempt to come up with the best drill for increasing distance instantly. The drills that we tested had to be easy to do, simple and show results immediately.

The drill I'm about to show you was the winner by far producing at least double the increase in distance compared to the other drills in the golfers tested.

For of those of you that read it and say that you've heard it before … NOT like this you have not. There were several tweaks and improvements I had to make before it performed this well. So make sure you follow it to the letter.

Here's what it is and how you do it:

It's called the "Feet together drill" . Basically what you do is put your feet close together and you hit the golf ball. And that is usually all that you will hear when you are told to do this drill.

Now during my testing I started just by telling my students to go swing with their feet together, and it produced decent results, about a 5-7 yard increase.

That method is effective for sure, but doing it with my additional tweaks DOUBLES the effectiveness to 10-15yds!

Here are the additional teaks you must make for maximum effectiveness

You must use a strong grip . Meaning that the v's formed by your thumb and forefinger must point up toward your right shoulder. Just make your grip match the picture below.

You have to setup with your feet in a certain configuration . What I noticed is when I told my students to do this drill with no additional instruction. They almost always setup with there LEFT foot flared toward the target.

To get maximum benefits you should setup with your left foot perpendicular to the target line, and your right foot flared away from the target. You should also drop your right foot back slightly. Just check out the picture below and copy the feet position.

You should not be trying to hit the ball further WHILE doing the drill !. This is another mistake that my students were making, that limited the increase in distance. They were trying to hit the ball further WHILE doing the drill.

You should not be swinging 100% while doing this drill . You should be swinging at about 65-75% percent or making 3/4 back swings.

You should be focused on making rotational swings around your body. . Of course you will have no choice but to turn with your feet so close together 🙂

Hit 1 small bucket with nothing but these feet together swings to groove the feel . Once you've gotten used to this feeling and can hit the ball solidly, then I want you to alternate between these feet together shots and shots with your regular stance.

So there you have it, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will see an increase of at least 10-15 yards! So get out there and try it!

The Bogey Killer swing system is built around a lot of the concepts in this drill, so if you experience good results with this drill you are all but 100% guaranteed to succeed with the rest of the instruction!

All of the instruction in Bogey Killer is laid out clearly like this in step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand detailed pictures. And ALL of the advice and instruction is easy to understand, peform and is 100% FEELING based.

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Source by Michael Dikun

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