Jobs For Felons – Instant Work For All Convicted Felons


If you are a convicted felon looking for a job then what you are about to read is going to make your day, week, month or even your year. Trying to find half decent paying jobs for felons can sometimes be next to impossible. Well read on to find out how you can be employed and learning in as little as ten minutes from now, no joke. This new job will, hire you instantly regardless of where you live and your past convictions, they will pay you a minimum of twenty dollars per hour (actually close to $ 120 per hour), and will allow you to work from home without having to travel to and from a job. This honestly could not be easier.


What I am talking about is doing online form completion surveys. This is where a large market research company pays you a minimum of $ 20 per hour (closer to $ 120) to complete simple online surveys on all sorts of different topics. You do not need any experience at all and you can even take your first survey and start getting well paid in as little as ten minutes from now. Who said there are no good jobs for felons! All you need is a computer and an internet connection to start making real money today, surly that sounds better than taking some dead end job just for the sake of getting employment.


Making the choice on which companies to do these surveys for the cranial part as payment for a thirty minute survey from company to company can range anywhere from $ 1 to $ 60 and I am shore I know which one you would rather be doing. After 7 years of doing these surveys as a full time job I have tried them all and there are only 4 that pay the big money and on time.


Source by Will Knight

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