Project Payday Scam or Legit?


OK I am sure you have seen all over the internet ads for the average Joe to earn $ 200 – $ 2000 a day with Project Payday. The question most people have is if this ad is legit or just another scam.

Project Payday is not a job but rather a system to help people earn an income online. The system they have developed is interesting and does work if you are organized and willing to put in the effort.

Here is how the Project Payday system works:

When you first join you are given access to the private Project Payday forums. In these forums other Project Payday members post offers such as "$ 40 to join ABC offer". All you have to do to earn that $ 40 is contact the person who made that post. They will give you a link to follow that will take you to a website that will ask you to join a free trial offer of some sort. You join the free trial and the collect your $ 40 from the person who save you the link. Simple right?

Here is the catch:

This free trial offer that you just signed up for has a timeline, usually 30 days. After the free trial ends you will be charged the price of the item. But if you return the item before the trial ends then you will not be charged. So you have to be organized to ensure that you return the products in the mail.

How to really earn with Project Payday:

After you do a few of these initial offers you will be given access to the other forums where you can then post offers of your own. You see these free trial websites that others are sending you to will pay you up to $ 400 to send 5 people to them. After 5 people sign up for the free offer you get paid $ 400.

So if you offer 5 people $ 40 just to sign up to a free trial offer then you will earn $ 400 minus the $ 200 you paid people to join for a profit of $ 200. Not bad and pretty easy to do once you learn how. And if you add up $ 200 a day you can earn a nice income using this system.

In summary the answer to the question if Project Payday is a scam or legit is that it is a legitimate opportunity. There are some catches to this system but if you are organized and willing to put in the effort then you can earn an income with Project Payday.


Source by Christopher Stirling

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