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I love traveling, but I also super love coming home! Especially to a place I have created that I love and where I feel great! I have been enjoying getting back into my regular self-care routine, working out and drinking green smoothies! No matter how hard I try to eat well, workout and moderate while I travel, I still come home feeling a little off. Managing expectations and realizing I will; A) drink more wine then usual, B) see more people than usual which is fun but does take extra energy, and C) not workout quite as much. Which is ALL okay. Let's cut ourselves an extra break this week in ALL areas of life. Here is a pic of Roxy the day after we got back 🙂 Walking her and being on the beach are two of my most favorite things to do. I hope you have a great weekend doing what you love too.

If you are having trouble getting your money to "stick", meaning it's not such an issue bringing it in, but more making it stay, then you will like this week's article! Read on to learn how to make it stick.

So what's preventing your money from sticking? Well, deep down you still have a block to creating the ultimate success level you desire for yourself. You do not believe you are worthy enough at a deep core level. Want to know a little secret? Most people do not feel good enough. It's the ego. That part of our mind telling us we're not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, etc. That when we hit X level we'll finally have made it and can feel good enough, only to find out we still do not feel good enough when we hit that amount. If we're in that place of never enough, we will never BE enough, then never creating enough. Many people create "just enough" regardless of the level they reach. We need to become aware of that thinking at the core and start moving it to a new and empowered thought system.

What's in your bank account directly reflects how you feel about yourself. Now, the amount you decide on is subjective. You get to decide what you want. Please do not pay any attention to people in this industry saying you have to be at X amount to be successful, or have X amount in the bank. It's up to you how much money you would like to earn and have in your bank account. It all comes down to what feels good and exciting for you. Be mindful of comparisons to others. This is about YOUR best life and no one else's. If you are not where you want to BE though, there is something else going on at a core level.

I also do not think most people are wired to ask for more than they need. There is some kind of guilty going on deep down. Like they will be a bad person if they ask for more. So they are in a perpetual slump of always having "just enough". Just enough to cover their current expenses and nothing more for things like traveling, saving and reaching their BIG lifestyle dreams. Oddly, as their business grows, so do their expenses, and even though they have more money, they still stay in "just enough" mode.

Here are some things to consider in order to break this pattern.

1. Know your numbers! You can not get to where you want to go, if you do not take a good look at where you are. Most business owners shy away from this and it's a huge disadvantage to their growth. What you track grows (because it's in the forefront of your awareness and focus). If you can look at it without judgment, you can use it just as a gauge as to how things are going. If you take it personally, which most people do mean it triggers poor feelings about themselves, then you definitely will not want to look at it. Because it does not feel good. How can you become empowered with where you are? In Rhonda Byrne's book the Power, she talks about having gratitude for paying your bills and what they have enabled you to do. Saying thank-you to your utility bills and even credit cards! What have opportunities have they allowed you?

2. Know you are not a bad person. Maybe you've made some poor choices, but look instead at what you have learned and how you can do things differently moving forward. You are in control. This becomes empowering.

3. Pay yourself first! So many people do not do this! They make sure everything and everyone else is covered first! This relates directly back to self-worth. Respect yourself enough to pay yourself first. If you do not take of you, who will? I recommend starting off with 10% of every dollar coming in off the top (gross).

4. Put this money aside in some type of savings that actually earns you money on your investment, and only touch it for appreciating assets. In other words, do not spend it on depreciating assets like things like cars and household emergencies. Another savings account can be set up for those types of expenses if you like. A client of mine calls this type of savings her Freedom Fund, and I just love that! It is helping her create freedom and has made saving a very empowered process as a result. I learned recently about a great investment platform, and I am going to introduce it very soon via webinar training so that you too can see if this is the right strategy for you. Stay tuned!

5. Have fun and watch it grow!


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