Why Instant Wrinkle Removers Are More Myth Than Reality For Most


Celebrities and entertainers who rely on their public images to earn a living often turn to surgery, botox and chemical peels as instant wrinkle removers to regain some of the youth they may have lost – but for the vast majority of us looking to do the same, these methods are usually not an option because of expense, fear or a preference for more natural means.

Let’s not have any illusions – there are no instant wrinkle removers that will miraculously erase what took years in the making to produce. To think our wrinkles will simply go away is like falsely believing there is a fountain of youth, or a diet pill that will shed tens of pounds from our overweight bodies in a matter of just a few days.

Sadly, it just doesn’t happen – and, as with all things in life, there’s generally some work and discipline involved in getting from where you are, to where you want to be.

With that in mind, here’s some simple strategies to slow down the visible signs of aging which can apply to anyone concerned with the prospect of wrinkling skin:

Minimize Your Exposure to UV Light – Who doesn’t love a bright, sunny day! But did you know that 90% of the damage to our skin is usually caused by our exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays? It is the single greatest contributor to premature aging and can be avoided with some simple precautions: use a SFP sunscreen moisturizer all year round, wear sunglasses and protective clothing such as hats and long sleeve shirts during hot days, and limit your overall exposure – particularly during peak hours.

Stay Hydrated – Drink between 6 to 10 glasses of water per day and use a moisturizer day and night; keeping the skin properly hydrated will pay big dividends in the long term by adding the much needed moisture it needs to retain its resilience.

Get the Rest Your Skin Needs – A good night’s rest is known to have a direct benefit in improving the skin’s appearance by reducing stress levels and allowing the body and skin to recharge itself. Aim to get at least 7 to 8 hours each night.

Don’t Smoke / Drink Alcohol in Moderation – Smoking and drinking contribute to free radicals in the body and accelerate aging of the skin. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules within the body that are missing an electron. To make themselves whole, they steal from other cells in the body, causing cellular damage in the process. Avoid smoking completely, and consume alcohol in moderation to minimize free radical damage.

Be Mindful of Your Facial Expressions – Squinting, frowning, and grimacing can take a toll on your skin far more than you think. Although we make facial expressions unconsciously, try to make a habit of being conscious of them, as in the long run, they will leave unwanted permanent creases and wrinkles that can be easily avoided with increased awareness.

Now, that we’ve looked at some personal choices that contribute to wrinkling skin, here are some clinically proven ingredients that cannot promise to be instant wrinkle removers, but can work wonders in reversing the visible signs of premature aging with a little patience:

Grapeseed Oil – contains polyphenols – antioxidants that slow the aging process of the skin. It also contains high amounts of lineolic acid, a fatty acid essential to the maintenance and health of cell membranes. Very few natural oils can match the restorative properties of grapeseed oil in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Phytessence Wakame – is an extract of an edible sea kelp, or wakame which has been a staple of Japanese dining for hundreds of years. Phytessence Wakame acts as a catalyst for producing and protecting hyaluronic acid within our bodies – the glue that holds collagen and elastin cells together. Without these twin proteins, our skin would lack firmness, tone and elasticity.

Xtend-TK – took the skin care industry by storm when it was introduced in 2006, since it was the first natural extract that could actually stimulate new cell generation. This was a major breakthrough in skin care and hailed by many as the skin care discovery of the decade. Using a patented process, keratin extracted from New Zealand sheep wool could be produced in soluble form, thus allowing it to be easily absorbed by the skin.

So, you see, instant wrinkle removers may be more myth than reality. But with a little discipline and the right skin care choices, you can be on your way to better looking skin. To learn more about reducing fine lines and wrinkles the natural way, visit my website: http://beautiful-natural-skin.com/


Source by Charles Fulcher

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